Learn spanishwith videos



You can access the video which best fits your needs

The course is organised in four levels. Each video has its own transcript, work booklet and answer booklet. You can access the video which best fits your needs.

VideoEle will be useful if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

* You have studied Spanish in the past and want to continue practicing in order to maintain what you have learnt.
* You are currently attending Spanish classes and want complementary activities to consolidate what you have learnt in class.
* You want to start learning Spanish because you are interested in the language or attracted by Spanish culture.
* You are an independent and motivated learner who wishes to learn Spanish at your own pace by utilising the following types of resources: television, magazines, internet, songs and so on.

In VideoEle you will find videos for the following levels level A1, level A2, level B1 and level B2. Select the one which best fits your competence in the Spanish language.


The videos have an approximate duration of 3 to 6 minutes. Each video emphasises different elements of the Spanish language such as vocabulary (body, shops, music...), a particular communicative function (to express tastes, opinions...), grammar (irregular verbs, present subjunctive...) or cultural elements.

Pay attention to the images as plenty of information can be found which reflect daily life and cultural elements of a Spanish-speaking country.

All videos are available with subtitles in Spanish. In addition, many subtitles have been translated into English, Italian and German.

You can enable or disable this option and choose the preferred language by clicking on the icon on the right hand side of the YouTube player bar.

Press the options icon:
activar subtítulos en youtube

A menu will open. Click on the "Subtitles" option:
seleccionar idioma de subtitulos

Another menu will appear in which subtitles are offered in Spanish and in those languages for which subtitles are available:
idiomas disponibles

If you are able, try to listen to the video without subtitles the first time around. Then you can listen to it again with subtitles and make a note of any new words. However, if you find the video difficult to understand, you could try listening to it with the subtitles straight away.



In this document you can find the transcript for each video.

It is recommended that you first listen to the video, stopping it or listening to it again as many times you think necessary in order to understand as much information as you can. Afterwards, you can download the transcript to solve any doubts you may have.


Work booklets

These will help you make the most of the videos’ images and soundtrack with their relevant main linguistic and cultural aims. You can download and print the resource booklet for free. All videos have the following structure:

Before watching (Antes de visionar)
These activities focus on the main topic of the video and will prepare you so that you can understand it better.

While watching the video (Mientras visionas)
Firstly, read the instructions for each activity and then watch the video. Whilst watching the video you can answer the questions for each activity.

After watching the video (Después de visionar)
In this section, you can find the majority of the activities. You can answer them with all the information you remember. If you cannot answer the questions watch the video again, stopping it, going backwards and forwards as many times you think necessary until you can complete the activities.

To learn more (Para aprender más)
Here you can find other optional activities which will deepen your understanding of the content of the video.


Answer booklets

Here you can check which the right answers are. If you have made mistakes or have not answered some of the questions, do not worry, analyse your mistakes and learn from them.

Some activities have several possible right answers. This is indicated by the phrase Posible respuesta.


Interactive activities

They are a set of activities on eBook format to complete on the computer.
Complete the activities after watching the video. To solve them you can watch the video as many times as needed.




Text translated by Carmen Castro.