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The fact that this educational material is free does not mean that it does not constitute intellectual property

VideoEle offers original educational videos and allows downloading of their transcripts, resource booklets and answer booklets in PDF format for free.


VideoEle contents are published under the licence Creative Commons 4.0, which gives a set of permissions regarding its use and distribution. However, it does not invalidate copyrights. You can download all PDF contents from VideoEle freely providing that you follow the conditions mentioned below:

Riconoscimento Creative Commons
Acknowledgement: The distribution or reproduction of the material of this website must acknowledge the author of VideoEle, Agustin Iruela. You must clearly specify that the contents belong to this website.

Non commerciale

Noncommercial: Any reproduction, distribution and use of the material of VideoEle should be free and with no other commercial intention. The use of technological equipment which restricts the public use of this website and its contents is strictly forbidden.  

Senza opere derivate
No Derivative Works: Permission to use the material of VideoEle does not allow it to be adapted in order to generate a derivative work based upon it.

If you wish, you can read the licence 4.0 full legal text.

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Text translated by Carmen Castro.