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Who makes VideoEle?


ho elaborato il materiale che contiene VideoEle

My name is Agustín Iruela and since 1991 I have been interested in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

My main interests lie in teaching Spanish as Foreign Language in private schools, at the university of Pompeu Fabra and ESADE. I was also a lecturer for the Master's degree of Teacher Training at the University of Barcelona.

In addition, I have undertaken research at the University of Barcelona. My Ph. D. Thesis deals about acquisition and teaching of pronunciation in foreign languages.

I participated in the creation of textbooks such as Es Español (ed. Espasa), Es tu ritmo (ed. Espasa), Conecta (ed. Zanichelli) and ¡Mucho gusto! (ed. Lang).

Finally, in 2006, I won third prize in the “International Prizes redELE” organised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and in 2007 I won second prize.

All the material available in this website has been created during my free time. It is the result of my experience and I believe that it will be useful for students who are studying Spanish as a foreign language.



Text translated by Carmen Castro.